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ARMINIUS - Customized sanding technology for industry & handcraft


As the decades-long leading manufacturer of sanding tools, we enable you to achieve perfect sanding results. While other tools are limited in size, flexibility or compatibility with your machines, ARMINIUS sanding tools are fully customizable.  All tools are fully upgradable for future applications in your machinery.  Your orders will be confirmed within 48 working hours. Orders can be placed directly on the Web shop anywhere in the world and will be processed efficiently.  Working with the worldwide network of sales partners, we also ensure very fast delivery times. Learn more about ARMINIUS and the qualities that have made us the world market leader:

Products and services

If you machine workpieces in large quantities, you have made the right choice with the professional sanding tools from ARMINIUS. Because it is not only superior sanding technology that distinguishes our range. Our individual service is also unrivaled: From the first inquiry and throughout the entire service life of your sanding attachments, we provide you with seamless support. Get an overview here of how we can help you reach a whole new level in the processing of wood and other materials:

Slider 1 MACHINES arminius-schleifwerkzeug-zur-holzkanten-bearbeitung arminius-werkzeuge-und-gebrauchtmaschinen SANDING TOOLS AGGREGATES SANDING BRUSHES arminius-walzen-bürste-zum-strukturieren-von-holzoberflächen SANDING PADS arminius-schleifschuh-zum-abtrag-von-rauhigkeiten-und-fräserschlägen arminius-schleifmittel-telefon-kontakt-service SERVICE Slider 1 MOUNTED SANDING POINTS &
cnc-schleifwerkzeug-für-die-holzbearbeitung-kantenprofil stirnprofilwerkzeug-und-schleifstifte-von-arminius EDGE PROFILES REPLACEMENT MATERIALS arminius-schleifsegmente-für-verschiedene-anwendungsgebiete ADJUSTABLE TOOLS werkzeuge-für-die-bearbeitung-von-platten-und-treppenstufen SEAMING TOOLS arminius-cnc-schleifwerkzeug-für-fälze-zur-türen-und-fenster-bearbeitung arminius-schleifmittel-cnc-schäfte CNC SCHAFTS

What’s new with ARMINIUS:

Here you can read the latest news about our sanding tools, our customer service and everything that moves the world of sanding technology:

Our trade fair dates at a glance
Our trade fair dates at a glance
We exhibit at trade fairs around the year and across the world. We look forward to your visit.
The Standard Edge Series Sanding Tool by ARMINIUS
The Standard Edge Series Sanding Tool by ARMINIUS
As part of our new Standard Series, we are proud to present our Profile Sanding Tool to complement your edge processing on your CNC machine!
The Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool by ARMINIUS
The Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool by ARMINIUS
With our new Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool, you can process all conventional single or double rebate doors.
Our team grows
We are very pleased that new employees at ARMINIUS see and realize attractive professional and personal development opportunities.
Schleifen der Längskante
Perfect sanding results in window construction
How a long-standing ARMINIUS customer company is benefitting from increased use of our sanding tools...
Gebürstete Oberfläche - brushed surfaces
CNC-Brushes for a highly precise structural depth
Due to the typical size of the workpieces, the surface structuring of furniture elements is usually carried out on CNC machines.
We welcome our new employees
We welcome our new employees
Since the beginning of the year, three new employees have strengthened the ARMINIUS team: Eugen Schall and Dominik Schmidt look after and advise...
We are pleased to introduce you to our new website.
We are pleased to introduce you to our new website.
We believe that the willingness to change has been the basis for our continuous growth and great success.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2021!
At the end of the year we look back with satisfaction and gratitude on the past months and say: Thank you!
The new Platinum
The new Platinum product line from ARMINIUS Tooling was specially designed for the high precision application. This is a perfect match that will deliver a very tight tolerance within the speed required to meet the demands of the industry today.
Sanding bar handle
The functional bar handle is very popular. We manufacture the sanding tool for every bar handle.
dds internet guide 2020
This year we are again represented in the internet guide of the magazine dds and have, received the "Top Website 2020" seal.


The new Platinum product line is specially designed for the challenges of industrial application. The tool-free operation helps minimize the setup time of the machine. Thanks to the solid design of the base wheel, the Platinum tool also offers most accurate concentricity. Thus, it produces a sanding pattern that meets the highest demands.

Our innovation – your quality


Do you process wood, plastic, metal, mineral surface materials or similar materials in your company? Do you manufacture doors, windows, stairs, furniture or moldings? Do you expect the same quality from your tools that your customers expect from your own products?  Then Arminius Tooling is your solution. There is no other sanding system that holds the high quality and accuracy of the Arminius system.

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