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Application areas

Application examples

Worldwide, ARMINIUS sanding systems are used for processing all types of wood, plastics, metals and mineral materials. The variety of applications can hardly be described completely.

The following is only an incomplete overview of some of the most common applications, to give you an impression of the quality and versatility from which your production line can benefit, too:

Sanding systems for furniture & interior fittings

For an ever growing number of manufacturers, relying on anything other than ARMINIUS tools in the production of furniture and interior fittings has become inconceivable. In North America, for example, sanding systems for producers of kitchen cabinets are among our best-selling products. In addition, ARMINIUS has long been an established name in the processing of components made of solid wood as well as MDF and multiplex boards for customers inside and outside Europe.

Sanding systems for windows

Rebates, radii and edges are a particularly demanding part of window production. In order to produce frames, muntins and window sashes of the highest quality, all processes must be carried out with first-class tools. Here, ARMINIUS window tools are in a class of their own. Tool life, accuracy, flexibility and our unmatched customer service for all ARMINIUS products play their part in turning windows from mere see-through objects into real eye-catchers.

Sanding systems for doors and fronts

With the help of ARMINIUS tools, doors in any style and made from a variety of raw materials can be perfectly sanded. Our rebate tools, flattening tools and face profile tools guarantee consistently accurate edge surfaces over a very long service live. Door fronts, frames and rebates can be sanded with all machines commonly used in the industry – with guaranteed accuracy.

Sanding systems for stairs

When grinding stair treads, stair stringers and especially handrails on banisters, precision is essential. After all, these components will not only be looked at, but also touched directly. This is why the finished product needs to feel and look equally perfect. And that is exactly what our double-segment sanding and handrail tools enable you to achieve. Using ARMINIUS tools to create stairs will help any manufacturer take a real step up with in terms of quality and customer satisfaction!


For the machining of plate-shaped materials on a nesting machine, ARMINIUS supplies sanding tool systems that have proven their quality over many years.

When it comes to nesting, precision makes all the difference! This is why our mounted points for sanding edges and our flattening tools for decorative grooves are designed for maximum accuracy.