Sanding Pads

Whether you need hardened steel sanding pads or aluminum sanding pads – we manufacture each product individually, depending on the required profile. In this way, you achieve an even removal of rough areas and router cuts on the wood workpiece. In addition, sanding belts and machines will be completely protected. Furthermore, heat development and friction are effectively prevented. The integrated air nozzles counteract heat accumulation.

ARMINIUS sanding pads are suitable for any belt sanding machines of all current manufacturers!

Aluminum sanding pads Our aluminum sanding pads are equipped with an exchangeable and true-to-size profiled graphite lining. Only the graphite lining will wear out and need to be exchanged. In contrast, the aluminum sanding pad itself remains intact throughout the entire service life.

Steel sanding pads Our steel sanding pads are manufactured according to the individual profile specified by each customer.

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