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ARMINIUS aggregates are designed for highest precision and safe guidance of our sanding tools. The ASyMM aggregates, for example, feature an automatically scanning spindle and adjustable probing pressure to compensate for lateral tolerances. Stress curvatures in the workpiece or any non-linear feed are compensated and will no longer affect the quality of your sanding result. In addition, the ASyMM 25 tracing unit is equipped with a thickness scanning feature. Where variable thicknesses of your workpieces still cause you considerable problems today, this ARMINIUS unit will soon make machining a walk in the park. Wooden edges and radii will suffer no marks even during intensive machining, and the automatic spindle will ensure a smooth transition from edge to surface. The range complemented by the DS 40 unit with horizontal and vertical adjustment and up to 130° swivel angle. Our CNC linear sanding tool, on the other hand, is designed for specialized use in CNC machines with C-axis control. Surfaces, grooves and profiles are thus given the perfect finish right down to the deepest structures.

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