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Quality and Continuity

The History of ARMINIUS

The history of our company goes back a long way. We have been producing sanding technology since 1955. Since the early 1960s, we operate under the name ARMINIUS. From the very beginning, there was only one standard for the development and manufacturing of our products: the requirements and needs of our customers. Inspired by the exchange with the regional furniture industry, company founder and budding engineer Manfred Brinkmann researched machine sanding processes. He was one of the first in the industry to recognize the full potential of the shift from manual work to automation, and his early commitment laid the foundation for the further growth of ARMINIUS. Today, we deliver high-quality sanding tools to the entire world – to meet the highest demands and with the same commitment to performance and service for every individual customer.

Sanding tools for highest standards

ARMINIUS Tooling Inc.

The decision to establish our own subsidiary in the USA marked a groundbreaking step for ourselves as well as for the woodworking industry in America. Since ARMINIUS Tooling Inc. was founded in Minnesota in 2004, we have played a decisive role in shaping the market environment. North America is one of our largest target markets of all – and so we are proud to be represented there with our own team of dedicated professionals. This is only one of the reasons why ARMINIUS profile sanding systems enjoy an exceptionally high reputation in the USA. Especially in the production of cabinet doors, our tools have set the standard for reliable and widely applicable sanding tools for any application. The vast majority of kitchen cabinet manufacturers in the American market produce from solid wood. Both large and increasingly smaller producers use combination machines for profiling and sanding. It is therefore not surprising that our sanding tool systems have shaped the market in this field.  After all, their versatility makes them ideal for tooling all kinds of multifunctional machines. ARMINIUS guarantees best results – wherever sanding takes place!

Our History

1940 Foundation
The Factory for Agricultural Machinery in Heiligenkirchen near Detmold, founded by Gustav Wendiggensen, is taken over by Heinrich Arndt and Wilhelm Brinkmann.
1945 Continuation of the machine program
The company, now operating under the name Arndt & Brinkmann, employs more than 20 people, right after the end of the World War II. In addition to trading in and repairing agricultural machinery and tractors, the company continues the widely known Wendiggensen machinery program.
1955 first sanding disc
A Detmold-based furniture factory requires a sanding unit for furniture door seams for use on a table milling machine. Thus, Arndt & Brinkmann develop the first sanding disc with an exchangeable sanding ring. It is initially made of molded cardboard and covered with sandpaper.
1958 sanding machine
A revolutionary new sanding machine is developed and presented at the Hanover Fair in April 1958.
1959 Product expansion
Manfred Brinkmann begins training as a machinist in his father's company. The product range already includes sanding rings for edge breaking and for sanding radii on furniture edges. Instead of the cardboard core, a thin-walled plastic mold carrier is now used.
1960 Why Arminius?
From now on, the machines are marketed under the name ARMINIUS. The original owner, Gustav Wendiggensen, had already sold mill construction products under the same name. The reference to the world famous Hermannsdenkmal (“Hermann Monument”) within sight of the Arndt & Brinkmann factory is gladly retained by the company founders as a sign of commitment to the local community.
1961 Arminius goes international
For the first time, an ARMINIUS machine is presented abroad, at the Basel Fair in Switzerland, in addition to the annual Hanover Industrial Fair.
1965 Independent department
An independent department is set up at the Heiligenkirchen site to produce the ever-increasing demand for sanding rings.
1970 Change of company name
The company founders Heinrich Arndt and Wilhelm Brinkmann reorganize the corporate structure and legal form of the company.
1971 Arminius-Maschinenbau Arndt & Brinkmann GmbH & Co
Arndt & Brinkmann OHG officially becomes Arminius-Maschinenbau Arndt & Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG. Manfred Brinkmann becomes managing director.
1974 In-house sanding ring production
Special machines for the independent production of sanding rings are purchased. Wilhelm Brinkmann dies of a heart attack.
1975 Independent production
Sanding ring production and toolmaking now take place entirely at the ARMINIUS plant in Heiligenkirchen.
1978 New production companies
The product department for sanding tools is separated from the mechanical engineering department. Arminius Maschinenbau GmbH and ARMINIUS Schleifmittel GmbH are founded as two separate entities. As a result, ARMINIUS sanding tools can be made available to other machine manufacturers as well. The original company is renamed Arndt & Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG and is limited to renting out vacant properties on the company's premises and movable equipment.
1979 Relocation
Arminius Maschinenbau GmbH moves its headquarters to Detmold-Eichholz. ARMINIUS Schleifmittel GmbH remains in Detmold-Heiligenkirchen.
1985 Market leader
The Homag Group takes over Arminius Maschinenbau GmbH. ARMINIUS Schleifmittel GmbH fully concentrates on the development and manufacturing of profile sanding tools in order to consolidate the great success of the previous years and to further expand its world market leadership. The number of employees rises to over 50.
2004 USA
ARMINIUS Tooling Inc., Minnesota, USA is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary.
2015 Change of ownership
After his long and successful career, Manfred Brinkmann retires at the age of 75. Rolf Berkemann and Heiko Lange take over management and take measures to structure the future operations of the company.
2017 Sanding drum
ARMINIUS presents the newly developed sanding drum at the Ligna trade fair in Hanover. This product quickly becomes a standard tool for sanding applications.
ARMINIUS acquires a company for individually designed agitators used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Thus, the company subsidiary Arminius IBS GmbH is established.

ARMINIUS Today - Exactly your tool

As we have done over the past decades, ARMINIUS Schleifmittel GmbH will continue to operate to distribute the most advanced products in the field of sanding technology to international customers. Either directly or with our sales partners we are represented near you. Needless to say, you will also find us at industrial fairs around the globe.

We understand your market environment

As in many other sectors of the economy, competition in the wood and furniture industry is intensifying. Imports from Eastern Europe and Asia, for example, continue to increase price pressure on domestic industries and hold their own in such a competitive market environment. Companies must be able to satisfy their customers’ demands at affordable prices. In addition, globalization also leads to positive developments. Since consumer expectations are converging worldwide, product variation generally decreases. Country-specific styles are becoming less and less relevant. Today, quality, functionality and developments in design are more decisive for asserting oneself in price competition. Those who succeed in aligning their production with these criteria will remain competitive at home and may even open up new opportunities abroad. At ARMINIUS, we understand the challenges as well as the opportunities of your market environment. That is why we manufacture our high-quality precision tools individually for your needs. In the future, you will no longer need to make any compromises: Each of your products will meet consistently high standards and still be recognizable by your own individual signature. ARMINIUS sanding tools allow you to remain superior in quality and authentic in style. Many well-known woodworking companies have already realized this potential. In furniture, door and window manufacturing, for example, our tools have become an indispensable part of the most versatile production processes – from global players to small and medium-sized craft businesses. Our custom-made sanding tools easily handle the required throughput times with no necessary rework. Reduce production time, labor intensity and order backlogs now. With ARMINIUS sanding tools, you too will reach your production goal faster and more cost-effectively!