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ARMINIUS - for your tools and systems

Individual Customer Service

Our services are entirely focused on supporting your sanding processes and making it as easy as possible for you to overcome challenges in production. Throughout the entire life cycle of your ARMINIUS tools, we will accompany and support you. Our team will reach out and offer our expertise on optimizing the machining of your products and workpieces. In addition, you will benefit from ever changing innovation and technical solutions from our in-house test laboratory. We only consider our work to be done when our customers’ sanding processes run smoothly all around.

Technology & Process Consulting

In order to fully exploit all given potential, we provide you with detailed and comprehensive advice on the best possible use of your ARMINIUS sanding tools. We support in the planning and implementation of your current and new projects. In doing so, we take into account already existing or planned production processes as well as your complete machinery. Everything will be considered as part of the overall process.

All the while, our specialist staff will be happy to support you on site at your own production facility. If desired, we will work directly with your tooling supplier to make the project a success for both.

Are you planning to purchase a new woodworking machine or CNC machining center? We will be happy to demonstrate all functions of our tools directly on site of your machine manufacturer.

Assembly & Commissioning

Of course, you will want put your new sanding tools into operation as soon as possible. Do not worry! We offer to accompany you on site during assembly and commissioning of our products. Our system consultants will ensure a perfect production start-up and provide you with all necessary information on the further use of the tools and technical support options.

Tool Measurement

The use of CNC technology illustrates the high degree of accuracy in the manufacturing processes today.  The need to be flexible and be able to change the tools in an efficient process to keep the machine productive.  The training and knowledge of system helps the operator be more productive at the plant level.   Flexibility and the efficient cycling of production steps are becoming increasingly more important in the application of sanding tools. At the same time, consistently high precision must be guaranteed.

We measure your ARMINIUS tools to enable immediate use. Together with each sanding tool, you will receive an exact documentation to be able to pre-set tools for the machining process.

We guarantee a maximum tolerance of 0.05 mm for profile accuracy!

Repair Service

Customers all over the world have come to appreciate the exceptionally long service life of their ARMINIUS sanding tools. However, if repair should ever become necessary, you can count on our swift support at any time. We will repair and overhaul your sanding tool in the shortest possible time – with no service contract required!


Profile Measurement

Precise profile machining and measuring ensures consistent quality and increases the service life of your sanding equipment. In our in-house measuring laboratory, we will confirm the profile match to the targeted drawing to enable your machine to perform at the highest level possible.