Rebate Sanding Tools

We manufacture our ARMINIUS seaming tools in three different designs. With these variants, you can quickly and thoroughly sand seams of any kind. Even sharp-edged profiles can be sanded precisely. By comparison, sanding a seam contour by hand is far more laborious, strenuous and time-consuming. Thus, the use of ARMINIUS seaming tools is particularly economical.
Our sanding tools for doors and window elements are used in both the traditional crafts and industrial production. We manufacture each seaming tool according to the precise individual requirements of each customer. In this way, we guarantee an exact profile match.

Our range of tools covers the entire spectrum of profile sanding. Seams, rebates and radii of door and window profiles can be sanded in just one step. Use our grinding tools on CNC machines, feed-through machines and table milling machines.

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