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ARMINIUS sanding tools for processing door rebates allow for sanding quickly and thoroughly.
Our high-performance tools for door and window elements are used in both craft and industrial production and are manufactured according to your individual requirements.
ARMINIUS sanding elements are subject to precise contour matching and have a wood removal of 0.1 mm.

use on stationary machines

Rebates and radii of the door & window profile are sanded in just one throughput. Use our sanding tools on all standard woodworking machines such as CNC machines (3-axis/5-axis), through-feed machines and table routers.

for small and large series production

Because of the simple design of the light metal sanding tools, precise customer projects can be realized from batch size 1 to small and large series production.

fine sanding with just one grit

Due to the uniform chip removal and high concentricity of our sanding tools, sanding can be carried out directly with the desired final grit size, thus making processing with different grit sizes unnecessary. No readjustment or retooling is required. The flexible base elements in the tool prevent tears and reliably compensate for tolerances, for example on the edge. The individual sanding elements can be fitted and reordered in all grit sizes.

tool use in Co-Rotation and Counter-Rotation

Our sanding tools for rebate processing can be used in Co-Rotation and Counter-Rotation. They achieve the maximum sanding effect in the first throughput by applying constant sanding pressure to the surface. The resulting surface guarantees perfect texture quality for the application of oils, lacquers, and stains as well as for final sanding.

sanding various wood materials

ARMINIUS sanding tools are manufactured for sanding solid wood as well as veneers and composite materials such as MDF, HDF or multiplex.

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