Adjustable Tools

A finished edge in just one pass. The adjustable tool is designed for grinding all radii and chamfers for workpiece heights from 10mm to 60mm.


DI (mm)
H (mm)
B (mm)
Service time (m)
Ident no.
10 – 60
20 – 50
HSK-63F or cylindrical shaft
~ 1500
10 – 60
20 – 50
HSK-63F or cylindrical shaft
~ 2000


DA = Diameter / H = Sanding height / B = Hole

The dimensions you are looking for are not listed?
Then contact our application advice directly!

Product Description

The ARMINIUS double segment wheel is capable of sanding all radii and chamfers without any additional tools required. This allows for complete flexibility in workpiece height at all times.

The ARMINIUS double segment sanding wheel is ideal for sanding stair treads and stringers. The adjustability of the tool allows you to sand pieces with thicknesses between 10 mm and 60 mm in just one pass.

Through the one-time purchase of this adjustable sanding tool, you will be always be able to flexibly react to market changes.

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