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hand sander – for individual wood edges

The ARMINIUS hand sander enables the proper sanding of individual wood edges and internal curves. With our customized hand sander, this is possible at any time. Our sanding attachments preserve the accurate contour of your workpieces.

Hand Sander with Profiled Sanding Attachment

The hand sander is developed for processing profiled wooden edges and decorative grooves. Order it if you need to process contours. It also impresses with its full-surface removal. Difficult and deep radii are sanded with absolute consistency. The hand sander with its profiled sanding attachment precisely matches your counter profile. Our sanding attachments achieve flawless profile accuracy and a very long service life. In addition, they leave a homogeneous surface for any further treatment. Thus, our hand sander has become indispensable in the manual processing of basic, intermediate and fine sanding.

The entire contour of the workpieces is sanded in a single operation. This will save you a great amount of time in production.

The lateral felt glide provides stable guidance for the hand sander. The felt creates a continuous pressure build-up during sanding and relieves the strain on the wrist.

Have your wood contours or decorative grooves changed? Are you planning to introduce a completely new wood edge? Simply change the profiled sanding attachment and continue processing as usual.

Hand Sander with Sanding Pad

The ideal companion for manual sanding of hard-to-reach radii and cut-outs, this hand sander is specially designed for small batches of workpieces. It consists of a basic block and an exchangeable sanding pad with the desired contour. It is simple and straightforward to use. We supply sanding pads in any grit size.

Just send us your CAD drawing with details of the desired grit size.

We manufacture our products exclusively in Germany and focus on highest quality. The plastic components are made from renewable raw materials.

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