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Stacking Tools

Only ARMINIUS offers sanding tools in stacks for CNC machining. As the leading manufacturer of sanding tools for decades, our tools enable you to perform CNC machining in stacks. Two proven series are available for the design of stacking tools. Our sanding tools cover the entire spectrum of profile sanding. Due to the static steel grain, the changing of the abrasive takes place directly on the spindle. Our high-quality sanding tools are precision tools with a guaranteed constant adherence to the profile contour and a chip removal of 0.1mm. The integrated combination of several sanding tools on one spindle enables the complete sanding of all flats and edge profiles with very few individual steps in the machining process. By using ARMINIUS profile sanding tools, the processing time is reduced by up to 90%. They can be refitted at any time to suit changing conditions in your production. By processing your order quickly and personally and with a worldwide network of sales partners, we also ensure very short delivery times.

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