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Two-sided sanding brush

DIt is becoming increasingly important to fully utilise materials. The ARMINIUS sanding system has a two-part construction of the individual brush elements. Only the abrasive layer is changed once it wears out,

the backing brush remains in use over the long-term. This means that available materials are fully used.

Another aim is to considerably increase the service life of the abrasive fitting and to tap into potential savings when it comes to setup times. As a result, every side of the sanding element can be supplied with any grain size. This means there is no need to change the sanding brushes for different grain use. The two-sided sanding brush was developed for machines with directional change as well as for machines with 360° rotation, in particular.

You can find single-side cylinder and angle rotor brushes here!

Grit size
Recommended rotational speed (dependant on diameter)
250 – 1500

Each sanding side can be supplied with different grain sizes, all slits are possible, with no limit to the dimensions (tool and sanding elements).

The gap between the individual sanding fittings allows the sanding brush to cool during continuous use.