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The new ARMINIUS 4 + 4

Based on this years 5 + 5 ARMINIUS measuring unit with an internal diameter of 158 mm, we have now also designed and built the ARMINIUS 4 + 4 double-segment grinding wheel with an internal diameter of 118 mm.

The ARMINIUS 4 + 4 as well as the ARMINIUS 5 + 5 consists of two star-shaped interlocking disc halves. It is therefore ideally suited for use on CNC machines.

It also has an adjustable range of 10 – 70 mm and therefore a high flexibility through combinations for different profiles. Four profiled moss rubber ground profile elements are attached to the periphery of each half of the disk. The grinding segments are placed thereon.

The basic profile elements of both disc halves can be mounted both on the same side as on the other side. For the same installation, the profile variant “profile edge” can be ground.
When the basic profile elements are installed on the other side, the profile variant “profile edge profile” can be machined, whereby different profiles can be mounted on both pan halves.
By exchanging the profiled moss rubber base profile elements on the aluminum base plate, the machining of a completely different profile is possible.

All these variants offer the possibility to remain variable with a purchase and remain flexible for market changes.

Key benefits at a glance:
– Adjustability of the grinding width
– High flexibility due to combinations of different profiles
– Abrasive change within one minute
– High standing distances
– Grinding of complicated profiles with low machine effort

The ARMINIUS double segmented disc – discover the possibilities