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Bonus points with each Webshop order

Bonus points offer you a considerable price advantage if you re-order via your Arminius Webshop. As a further benefit of ordering from the Webshop you will receive preferential treatment as in regards _ to delivery times, as there is no need to carry out a further manual plausibility control.

What are bonus points and when do I receive them?
You receive bonus points for each order placed via the Webshop. For each full EURO/USD spent, your account will be credited with one bonus point. You can then cash in your bonus points during your next visits to the Webshop, as long as you have collected at least 1000 bonus points, and for each bonus point you have cashed in you will receive a discount of 3 Cent.

Where can I see how many points are already credited to my account?
You can always see the number of bonus points you have collected at any one time from the order confirmation which you receive automatically by e-mail after you have placed your order. You can also see your current bonus point total after logging into your Webshop.

We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have. Our telephone service is also available to you when your Webshop is put into operation.