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BENZ flush trimming unit + ARMINIUS sanding tool

perfect sanding result with double tracing on the CNC machine! Das Until now, sanding workpiece edges and radii posed a considerable challenge in CNC machining.

Even the latest CNC machines and the best vacuum clamping systems are unable to fully control inaccuracies caused by different workpiece thicknesses, the inaccurate position and height of the workpiece on the machine, or deformities in the wood. The result? Unwanted deviations.

Precise machining results can only be guaranteed by tracing machining. ARMINIUS worked together with equipment manufacturer BENZ Werkzeugsysteme on a joint project to develop a solution which enables edges and radii to be sanded using tracing, with just one CNC unit. The resulting two-part sanding tool is used on the BENZ flush trimming unit.

When machining with the flush trimming unit from BENZ, the tracing takes place on both sides simultaneously. At the same time, the two-part sanding tool from ARMINIUS, whose components can be moved axially and can therefore tolerate a deviation in the workpiece thickness, is adapted to suit the workpiece via air and spring pressure, thereby resulting in a perfect edge finish. Deviations in the workpiece thickness as well as height and position errors due to tension in the wood no longer pose a problem in edge machining. What is more, it makes the machining process much simpler. Workpieces such as staircase steps can be produced in a significantly shorter amount of time, and therefore more cost-effectively.

Further information about the unit:

BENZ flush trimming unit

BENZ flush trimming unit

BENZ flush trimming unit Detail picture