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The Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool by ARMINIUS

for interior and exterior doors made of solid wood and composite materials

With our new Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool, you can process all conventional single or double rebate doors. In addition, it can be used in the production of fire doors with a rebate height up to 60 mm.

With this rebate tool, you can produce door rebates, fronts, and frames at unsurpassed speed. After just one pass, the sanding process is normally complete. Due to the precise amount of removal and extreme accuracy, applying various grit sizes will not be necessary. Instead, simply start with the desired final grit right away. The base element under the abrasive of the tool will compensates for fraying and uneven spots with in the profile.

The ARMINIUS Standard Series Rebate Tool can be used on all CNC machines, through feed machines to small table size machines. Its decisively simple and light metal design guarantees a long abrasive life of up to 1,500 m for each set of ready-made sanding segments. The highly precise concentricity and small material removal also contribute to this long abrasive life.

Technical details of the ARMINIUS Standard Rebate Sanding Tool:

  • Outer diameter: 180mm
  • Rebate depth up to 50mm
  • Rebate height up to 60mm
  • Direction of rotation: clockwise – Counter clockwise
  • Any grit size
  • Optionally mounted on a CNC shaft


Our Standard Series Rebate Sanding Tool is suitable for production as batch size 1 to larger volumes. With this sanding tool you will always be well prepared for any customer requirements!