You can now obtain any slit that you require on slashed abrasives

As your workpieces vary in terms of profile depth and width, an optimum solution is required when it comes to choosing a compliant abrasive fitting. As a rule of thumb, the more unusual the profile, the finer the slit of the slashed abrasives.

You can now obtain any slit that you require on slashed abrasives

Slashed abrasivewith 3mm slitSlashed abrasive
with 3mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 5mm slitSlashed abrasive
with 5mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 7mm slitSlashed abrasive
with 7mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 10mm slitSlashed abrasive
with 10mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 10mm slitflatSlashed abrasive
with 10mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 15mm slitflatSlashed abrasive
with 15mm slit

Slashed abrasivewith 20mm slitflatSlashed abrasive
with 20mm slit

Slashed abrasivewithout slitflatSlashed abrasive
without slit

We are the only supplier of slashed abrasives with any slit you require. You, the customer, determine the width and depth as well as the contour of the slit.
Talk to us, together we will devise the optimum solution for you for slashed abrasives or complete brush systems.

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