ARMINIUS is now AEO-certified!

ARMINIUS is now AEO-certified! AEO stands for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). The aim of this European Unioninitiative is to prevent non-transparent business practices in a globalized world and international supply chains more transparent and thus more secure.#more## Since the first January 2008we can apply for companies domiciled in the European Union who are involved in customs affairs. This status is referred to as (AEO).

The status of "Authorized Economic Operator" makes us entitled to benefits of safety-related customs controls and / or from simplifications provided for under customs rules within the European Union.

The granting of AEO status is subject to extensive conditions regarding the reliability of credit rating, history of compliance with the relevant legislation and, as well as meeting certain safety standards.

The AEO certification worldwide is an important feature of perceived quality and safety. It confirms that a company is a reliable and trustworthy partner in international trade management. We are pleased to inform you that Arminius has had our AEO certification since 2/22/11.

Another advantage for the certified companiesis that all customs formalities can be completed efficiently. Most companies with AEO "no longer have to wait for any time-consuming inspections in customs to beperform.
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