Tradition and passion turned into quality and development

Tradition and passion turned into quality and development

Since the 1960s, ARMINIUS has dominated the market, as the leading manufacturer of high-quality profile sanding tools. Alongside the headquarters in Germany, our products are represented worldwide by our subsidiary in the USA and other trade partners.

Today, we still manufacture our tools in our own production plant in Germany. We have taken tradition and passion and used them to develop intelligent product solutions, which go beyond the norm. In our in-house testing laboratory, we ensure functionality and guide developments to meet the demands of tomorrow.

One particular challenge is the use of our sanding tools for the complete sanding texture and the machining of coatable surfaces. ARMINIUS sanding tools are used on throughfeed machines, CNC machining centres and table-top machines.

ARMINIUS offers highly efficient solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and proven sanding systems. With our sanding tools, our customers are able to achieve incomparable surface quality on natural wood, chipboard and MDF boards as well as hardboards and many more materials.

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