Cleaner system – "WET-DRY cleaning"

For resinous wood, ARMINIUS cleaner system – for ensuring a long service life for the abrasive fitting

When processing resinous wood in particular, the optimum tool life travel can be achieved for an abrasive if the machine is fitted with a WET-DRY cleaning system. For this purpose, ARMINIUS has developed both an add-on installation for the machine as well as cleaning nozzles which match the individual profile.

  • Blowing nozzles
  • Spray nozzles

Compressed air supplied via an individually profiled blowing nozzle protects the abrasive fitting from heating up and, at the same time, prevents it from becoming clogged with particles from the material. The cleaner system can be integrated into the machine control system to ensure economic use of the compressed air.

A WET-DRY cleaning system also keeps the abrasive clear of resin particles. The cleaning system is enhanced with a spray nozzle, which sprays cleaner fluid at intervals. This solvent mist dissolves any clogging which has already arisen on the surface of the abrasive.

The cleaning intervals are programmed so that the spray phase always coincides with a gap between workpieces. During this phase the abrasive is coated with cleaner fluid.

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