Sand wood surfaces by tracing
with variable workpiece thicknesses



The ARMINIUS ASyMM 2S floating disc sanding unit sands wood edges and radii without any marks. The self-tracing tool spindle ensures a smooth transition from the edge to the surface.

In the case of variable workpiece thicknesses, thickness tolerances pose a considerable challenge during machining. This is where the mechanical thickness tracing from ARMINIUS comes into play.
  • ASyMM 2S adapts to the workpiece thickness
  • Height and lateral adjustment
  • Tool spindle rotational speedmax. 3000 U/min
  • Tracing path5 mm
  • Tool holder

    Spindle or
  • Tracing pressure
    can be adjusted
    0.5 kg to
    approximately 3 kg
  • Tracing

    Self-tracing or
    via tracing roller
  • Drive direction of rotationLeft or right
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