Do you want to incorporate more design on wood surfaces? A decorative element attracts the eye. It is a characteristic feature of a workpiece and for this reason alone, it requires special attention during machining.


Decorative grooves sanding toolexecution ballDecorative grooves sanding tool
execution ball

Decorative grooves sanding toolDecorative grooves sanding tool

Decorative grooves sanding toolVersion BASIC-LineDecorative grooves sanding tool
Version BASIC-Line

Decorative grooves sanding tooldetail pictureDecorative grooves sanding tool
detail picture

Your woodwork is only complete when the surface is pleasant to touch. The front profile tool sands decorative elements and V-grooves with ease. Thanks to the ensured profile accuracy of +/- 0.05 mm, all blade cuts are removed from the wood structure. Ease of use, quick replacement and low cost of the abrasive layer per sanded running metre.

The front profile tool consists of a base body and can be equipped with various profile shapes. This tool makes sanding decorative grooves a breeze on any wood surface.

  • Grit sizeP40 - P600
  • Chip removal0,1 mm – 0,2 mm
  • Tool life travelUp to 1,000 rm

Cost-effective thanks to:

  • Extremely low cost of the abrasive layer per running metre
  • Guaranteed tolerance of +/- 0.05 mm for the profile accuracy
  • No reworking
  • Long tool life travel
  • Low storage costs
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